Pulsiones de vida y muerte

by Catalina Vega

Catalina Vega is Argentinian. She lives and works in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires. She is pursuing a degree in Visual Arts in ‘Universidad Nacional del Arte’. When she was young she used to paint as self-taught in her free time. She has participated in collective shows in cultural centres, municipal halls and galleries.

I am presenting a series of works  that I have painted in 2017 that has to do with drives of life and death represented from a perspective of inner spaces full of nature, but plagued by sadness or uncertainty. The characters of the pictures seem to be isolated and lonely, struggling as they can their own battles but still fighting, living and trying to find out solutions. All these pictures are painted in watercolor and Chinese ink, with fluid strokes that imply movement and energy. The colors, as well as the elements they have in common, have a symbolic significance that has to do with nature, opportunities, ruin and change. 

El ultimo viaje / The Last Journey
18×28 cm watercolor on cardboard 2017

El ultimo viaje is a work with a monochromatic palette painted with watercolor in a spontaneous and quick way. The artist aims to reflect on the simultaneous things and how energy interferes in all the moments of our lives, including our last thoughts. In this work there is a young woman with a bag, smiling, and a huge stair that moves the audience to a celestial and confusing place. It represents the idea that you always know where you start, but never where destiny drives you. The light blue color has to do with tranquility, deepness and to the fact that it is impossible not to relate it to the sky.

Contemplacion/ Contemplation
18×28 cm
Chinese in on cardboard 2017

Contemplacion is a work with a monochromatic palette painted with Chinese ink in a spontaneous and fluid way which aims to capture the gestures of the character’s expression. In the picture there is middle-aged man holding a skull, contemplating it in a reflexive way. Behind him, there is a mirror that reflects his figure. This element invites the audience to see themselves.

La espera / The Expectation 18 x 28 cm
Watercolor on cardboard

La espera is a work with a warm palette painted with watercolor and Chinese ink. There is a person of non-defined sexuality with a bulging womb observing a window that reflects a spring forest. This image aims to represent the cyclical nature and the hope which is sometimes mixed with uncertainty and fear.

Un pariente / A family member 30 x 50 cm
Chinese ink and watercolor on cardboard

Un pariente is a work with a monochromatic earth color and a distant wall in watercolor. There is a middle-aged man in front of a deteriorated wall which has a window that reflects the figures of two women. One is young, and nearer the man; the other is quite old, nearer a picture of a sky. This image shows some kind of dualism. On the one hand, it has to do with a far established way of conceiving relations of power between men and women. On the other, it shows how this conception has been recently trembling and evolving through the time.

Detras de escena / Below the scene 18 x 28 cm
Watercolor on cardboard

Detras de escena is a work with a monochromatic earth color painted with Chinese ink. In the inferior left corner there is a plant full of fluid ink spreading in different directions, in front of a deteriorated wall. In the upper right corner there is a window in which there are three female characters. This fragment symbolizes an ancient conception of women in her three stages, the girl, full of hope and happiness, the young, who can conceive babies, and the old, which seems to be sad and hopeless. We can also compare it to the notion of the rose, or the butterfly. However, in this ancient conception, there is some kind of hope. It has to do with the fact that the wall, which lets you see in, is in ruin, evolving as well as our conception of matriarchy.


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